Modern Nepali Baby Boy Names


Nepali Baby Boy Names
Nepali Baby Boy Names

I had been thinking of writing a post on Modern Nepali Baby Boy Names for quite some time now. But, somehow I wasn't able to compile the same. I am glad finally I am posting this for the Nepalese brothers and sisters in Nepal and around the world.

Becoming a parent for the first time is the beginning of a new and beautiful chapter in your life. Baby is the bundle of joy for whom you have always revered for. While babies brings truck-loads of happiness, they also make you more responsible.

Parenting is not an easy task and you have to do a lot while raising a child. And the first thing you need to do is name your child. Naming is not as easy as it sounds. Because a person's name reflects a lot about him. So most Nepalese want to give their newborns a cute name that has a positive meaning.

With these things in mind, I have compiled a list of meaningful and modern Nepali Baby Boy Names. I hope they will find this Nepali Baby Boy Names list useful. I will keep on adding new names as and when I find trendy names. 

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Modern Nepali Baby Boy names

Nepal has the largest population of Hindus after India. So, not surprisingly most families are religious, God fearing and wish to have meaningful yet modern names for their children. Although, there are hundreds and thousands of Nepali baby boy names out there, but I promise to list only the ones that are short, trendy and are truly meaningful.

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Nepali Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Aaditya/Aditya: Sun

Aagat: Future

Aadit: New beginning

Aakar: Shape

Aakash/Akash: Sky

Aarav: Calm, peaceful

Aaron: A person of high status

Aarus: The first ray of the sun

Aaryan/Aryan: One that of Aryan Descend

Aashim: Infinity, boundless, without any limits

Aashish: Blessings

Aashwin/Ashwin: protector, lord

Aayan: A new beginning, gift of God

Aayush: Long life, blessing

Abeer: Colorful, gulal (used in the festival of Holi, a Hindu festival)

Nepali Baby Boy Names
Nepali Baby Boy Names

Abhik/Abheek: Fearless

Abhinav: Pretty new

Abhiudaya: Early sunrise

Abhirup: Pleasing

Abhishek: Method of worship: purification or cleansing

Abhiyan: Campaign

Abiral: Never ending

Achyut: Name of God Vishnu, Immovable

Aadarsha: Ideal, perfect

Ajit: Invincible

Ajay: one who cannot be conquered

Anesh: Sun’s glory

Akhil: Complete, whole

Aman: Peace

Amar: Immortal, one who lives forever

Amish: Honest

Amit: Boundless

Amulya: Invaluable

Anish: Supreme

Ankit: To make a mark

Anubhav: Experience

Anuj: Younger brother

Anupam: Incomparable, unique, one of its kind

Atul: Matchless, one who cannot be compared

Avaya: Fearless

Apurva: Like never before

Nepali baby boy names
Nepali Baby Boy Names

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Nepali Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Badal: Cloud

Badri: Lord Vishnu

Baikunth: Heaven, Swarg

Barjra/Vajra: Thunderbolt

Bal/Bala: Strong, young, little

Baladitya: Little sun

Balaji: Lord Vishnu/Bishnu

Balaram: Brother of Lord Krishna

Balwant: Strongly build

Bandhu: Friend

Bnadhul: Pleasing, likeable

Bankim: Crescent

Bansi: Flute

Barindra: Ocean

Barun/Varun: Lord of water, Neptune

Basant/Vasant: Season of spring

Basistha/Vasistha: Name of sage

Basu/Vasu: Name of ancient king

Bhadrak: Handsome

Bharat: India, younger brother of Lord Ram

Bhaskar: Sun

Bhaswar: Shining

Bhaumik: Connected to earth, earthly

Bhavesh: Lord of Earth

Bhavya: Grand

Bhooshit: Decorated, honoured

Bhrigu: Prajapati

Bhudev: God of earth

Bhupal: King

Bhupen: King

Bhushan: Adornment

nepali baby boy names
Nepali Baby Boy Names

Bibek: Wisdom

Bibhakar: Moon

Bibhas: A raga

Bibhu: Powerful

Bidur: Wise, friend of Lord Krishna

Bidwan: Scholar, wise

Bijay: Victory

Bikram: Valour

Bilas: Play

Bimal: Pure, clean

Binod: Happy, joy

Biplav: Floating

Biraj: Splendour

Biral: Rare, precious

Birat: Big

Birbal: Braveheart

Bishnu: Lord Vishnu

Bishwa: Universe, earth

Bishwo: Universe, earth

Bishwas: Faith

Bodhan: Kindling

Brahma: Creator

Buddha: Lord Budha, awakened

Bhuwan: World

Benju: A musical instrument

I hope the above compilation of Modern Nepali Baby Boy Names will help you to choose the perfect name for your little one! I will soon be adding more names at the earliest possible, so stay tuned.

Till then stay safe, stay healthy!

Chao! 👋

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