Adorable Baby Boy Names Meaning God is Gracious (2023 Edition)

Baby Boy Names Meaning God is Gracious
Baby Boy Names Meaning God is Gracious

Blog updated on December 12, 2022

All parents are invariably looking for cute and beautiful names for their babies! They always try to have beautiful names with beautiful meanings! That is why baby names with beautiful meanings have been popular for centuries! 

Grace is a common name with a beautiful meaning attached to it. Across the world, a baby name that means Gracious is very popular. Maybe that is the reason there are many traditional and trendy names with the meaning of grace. 

In this post, I am going to list out the baby boy names meaning God is gracious or simply 'grace'. This is a beautiful compilation of baby boy names from around the world, for the world! 

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> Please note that I've recently added new baby boy names suitable for Christian parents, scroll down if you're looking for Christian baby boy names.

Why choose a unique baby name?

There are many reasons why people choose unique baby names. Some people choose a unique name because they want their child to stand out and be memorable. Others choose a unique name because they want to honor a family member or cultural tradition. 

Still, others choose a unique name because they simply like the sound or meaning of the name. Ultimately, the choice of a baby's name is a personal decision and can be influenced by many different factors.


200 Trending Baby Boy Names Meaning God Has Answered - A to Z

Things to keep in mind while looking for a baby name

Adorable Baby Boy Names Meaning God is Gracious

Here are some things to consider while looking for a baby name:


Consider the meaning of the name and whether it aligns with your values or the values you want to impart to your child.


Consider how the name will be pronounced and if it is easy to say.


Think about whether the name could be shortened or turned into a nickname that you or your child might not like.


Consider whether the initials of the name spell out anything undesirable.


Think about whether the name is currently popular or whether it is more unique.

Cultural appropriateness: 

If the name has a specific cultural or historical significance, consider whether it is appropriate for your child and whether you are comfortable with the potential cultural connotations.


Consider whether the name has any personal or family significance and whether it aligns with family traditions or preferences.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a name that you and your partner both love and that feel right for your child.

Baby essentials you should be prepared with

Adorable Baby Boy Names Meaning God is Gracious

Here are some essentials that parents should consider preparing for when a baby is born:

A safe place for the baby to sleep: 

This could be a crib, bassinet, or play yard. The baby should always be placed on their back to sleep on a firm, flat surface, with a tight-fitting sheet.


You will need a supply of diapers in various sizes as your baby grows. Obviously, you'll need to stock a few packs of Size 0 for the initial months!


You will need dozens of ultra-soft clothing in various sizes, as well as socks and caps to keep your baby warm.


You will need several soft blankets to keep your baby warm and comfortable.

Baby wipes: 

Baby wipes are useful for cleaning up messes and diaper changes.

A car seat: 

It is important to have a properly installed car seat to transport your baby safely.

Baby care items: 

This may include lotion, diaper cream, and other items to keep your baby clean and comfortable.

A breast pump (if you are breastfeeding): 

breast pump can be helpful for mothers who are breastfeeding and need to be away from their baby for a period of time, or who have an oversupply of milk and need to relieve pressure or store milk for later use.

A stroller: 

Adorable Baby Boy Names Meaning God is Gracious

stroller can be useful for taking your baby out for walks or errands.

A changing table or pad: 

A changing table or pad with storage for diapers and other supplies can make diaper changes easier.

It's also a good idea to have some basic first aid supplies on hand, such as a thermometer, infant pain reliever, and a bulb syringe for clearing nasal congestion.

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Names That Mean Merciful

Here is the list of 50 baby boy names meaning God is gracious:

1. Ashane
A unique choice of name for boys, Ashane is a Jamaican origin name that means ‘powerful or graceful.’

2. Aamin
A traditional Indian origin name that means ‘god’s grace.’ The name has been derived from the ancient Sanskrit dialect of India!

3. Aaric
A short and sweet baby boy name meaning ‘rule with mercy.’ Aaric is a Norse (Norwegian) origin name that is quite unheard of!

4. Anugtaha
A Hindu-origin baby boy name meaning ‘grace and favor’.

5. Aeshan
A classic name that’s not oh-so-common these days! Aeshan means ‘god’s grace’ and is pronounced as ‘Ae-shan.’

6. Altaf
Another classic Arabic-origin name that’s quite famous in the Muslim and Islamic communities. Altaf means ‘kind and gracious.’

7. Ameen
A famous Arabic origin name that means honest, faithful, trustworthy, or divine grace.

8. Chanak
A Spanish origin name that means graceful young man.

9. Chares
A rare name that comes from the beautiful country of Greece! Chares means ‘grace and kindness.’ The name was also borne by the sculptor of the famous Colossus of Rhodes.

10. Chezian
An Indian origin name that means ‘graceful, kind and elegant.’

11. Chaniel
If something unique, rare, and out of the box is what you are looking for in your little one, then this is the one for you! Chaniel is a Hebrew origin name meaning ‘god’s grace.’

12. Daiwik
Daiwik is a Sanskrit origin name meaning ‘god’s grace or divine.’ The name has a royal touch to it!

13. Evan
Evan is a Welsh origin name that was derived from the name ‘lefan.’ Evan is a short and sweet name for boys which means ‘young warrior, or gracious.’

14. Eastman
We all are quite familiar with Eastman color films! Eastman is a classic English origin name that means ‘grace protector or nature lover.’ Eastman is one of the most classic American boy names that mean grace!

15. Eoin
Trendy, unique, and classic! Eoin is a Gaelic origin name meaning ‘God is gracious.’ Eoin has been quoted as one of the top 30 names in Ireland! Other popular variants of the name are Owen, Eugene, Ewan, and Eoghan.’

16. Esmond
One of the most traditional English-origin names means ‘saving grace or protection.’ Esmond was derived from an Old English name Estmund.

17. Fadl
A classic masculine name that’s unique and short. Fadl is an Arabic origin name that means ‘Gracious.’

18. Fazli
A unique and rare Islamic origin name meaning ‘excellent, gracious or praiseworthy.’

19. Fazzal
A classic Muslim origin name meaning ‘bounty, grace, and favor.’ Fazi or Fazzi would be a nice nickname.

20. Giovanni
If you love everything that’s Italian then probably you’ll love this name! Giovanni is an Italian-origin baby boy name meaning ‘God is gracious.’ A cute nickname of Gio would go well with this name!

21. Ghafr
Ghafr is a popular Arabic name that means ‘grace and compassion.’

22. Ghufran
A classic Muslim boy name meaning ‘mercy, forgiveness or kindness.’

23. Gracian
An exotic Italian origin name meaning ‘beloved or dear.’

24. Hanan
A Hebrew origin name that means ‘grace, gracious or gracious gift.’ In Arabic, Hanan means ‘compassion.’

25. Hardyal
A classic Hindu origin name meaning ‘one who has been bestowed with God’s grace.

26. Haris
A Greek-origin name that holds great mythological importance! Haris means ‘guardian angel.’

27. Hulbert
A classic German origin name meaning ‘friendly or gracious!’

28. Ian
A short and cute name that was derived from the ancient Scottish Highlands! Ian means ‘God is gracious.’

29. Ivan
A Slavic cum Greek origin name meaning ‘God is gracious.’

30. Jack
A classic and well-known English origin name meaning ‘God is gracious.’

31. Jannis
A Nordic origin name meaning ‘God’s grace!’

32. Jannick
A trendy Dutch cum German origin baby boy name meaning ‘God is gracious.’

33. Janos
A Hungarian version of the name John, Janos means ‘God is gracious.’

34. Jean
A unisex English origin name meaning ‘lord is gracious.’

35. Jenish
A classic Indian origin name meaning ‘God is gracious.’

36. John
One of the most popular biblical boy names meaning grace. This classic name will never lose its charm, it means ‘God has been gracious.’

37. Johnny
A cute extension of the name John, Johnny is also a Hebrew origin name that means ‘Jehovah’s gift.’

38. Jones
Quite a popular Welsh origin name that means ‘the son of John!’

39. Juan
A Spanish version of the name John meaning ‘God is gracious.’

40. Kalman
A unique Latin origin name meaning ‘gracious, good reputation.’

41. Kiaan
Kian or Kiaan is an Indian origin name meaning ‘grace of god or king.’

42. Milan
How about naming your son after the most fashionable city in Italy! It’s classy, stylish, and sounds truly exotic to the ears! Milan is a Slavic origin name that stands for kind, loving and gracious!

43. Milko
Looking for a unique and trendy name? Milko is a Bulgarian cum Polish origin name meaning ‘nice, pleasant, or graceful.’

44. Sulo
A short and sweet Finnish origin name meaning ‘charm or grace.’

45. Shane
A Hebrew baby name meaning ‘God is gracious.

46. Yann
A classic French variation of the name John meaning ‘God’s grace.’

47. Yannick
A French cum Hebrew origin name meaning ‘Lord is gracious.’

48. Zain
Zain, also known as Zayn, is an Arabic origin name meaning ‘grace or beauty.’

49. Zaiyaan
A classic Hindu origin name meaning ‘bright and graceful.’

50. Zayne
A classic Arabic origin name meaning ‘God is gracious.’

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Names That Mean Merciful

New Baby Boy Names Meaning God is Gracious: Added in January 2021 (mostly suitable for Christian parents)

1. Adrin
A Christian name, meaning ‘God is gracious.’

2. Ananais
Compassion of God

3. Desmond
Another Christian name, meaning gracious defender.

4. Evans
Son of Evan

5. Handel
God is Gracious

6. Holden
Gracious, deep

7. Ivin

8. Jackie
God has been gracious

9. Jackson
God is gracious

10. Jake
Names That Mean Merciful: He who supplants, God is Gracious

11. Jankin
God is Gracious

12. Jawon

13. Jaxon
God has been Gracious

14. Jankin

15. Jawon

16. Jaxon
Son of jack, God has been Gracious

17. Jeckson

18. Jhon
The Lord is Gracious

19. Jo

20. Joan
God is Gracious

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Names That Mean Merciful

21. Jock
Names That Mean Merciful: God has been Gracious

22. Joel
God is willing

23. Johan
Gift of God, Leader in Army

24. Johanan
One who is liberal

25. Johnel
Names That Mean Merciful: God is Gracious

26. Johnney
Hebrew version of John

27. Johns
Names That Mean Merciful: God is Gracious.

28. Jon
The God is Gracious

29. Jone
God is Gracious

30. Jonny
God has given

31. Jovil
God is Gracious

32. Owen

33. Rashaun
Combo of Ray and Shawn

34. Sean
Lord/God is Gracious

35. Shaun
God's gift

36. Shawn
God is Gracious

37. Shion
Kingdom of God

38. Shon
God is Gracious

39. Terance

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Names That Mean Merciful

40. Terence
Smooth; Tender

Newly Added Baby Boy Names Meaning God is Gracious - December 2022

Adam (Hebrew)
Adonai (Hebrew)
Adonis (Greek)
Agni (Hindu)
Aiden (Irish)
Aino (Finnish)
Akhenaten (Egyptian)
Akhil (Hindu)
Alexander (Greek)
Alon (Hebrew)
Aman (Arabic)
Amara (Sanskrit)
Amory (Latin)
Amun (Egyptian)
Anand (Hindu)
Ansel (Hebrew)
Anwar (Arabic)
Apollo (Greek)
Arjun (Hindu)
Arwan (Arabic)
Asher (Hebrew)
Atar (Iranian)
Baal (Canaanite)
Balder (Norse)
Brahma (Hindu)

Keep browsing the complete list of baby boy names (A to Z) here


I hope the above compilation of Baby Boy Names Meaning God is Gracious will help you to choose the perfect name for your little one! I will keep searching for more short and cute names and post them at the earliest possible time, so stay tuned!

Till then stay tuned and stay healthy!

Chao! 👋

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