Amazingly Awesome List of 300+ Baby Names Starting With Pra (2024)


Names Starting With Pra
Names Starting With Pra

Welcome to our blog featuring over 300 baby names starting with Pra! As you will notice, most of these names have their roots in Hindu culture, as India has a rich tradition of naming babies based on various qualities and attributes. 

Hindu names are often chosen based on the meaning they convey, and parents may also consider factors such as astrology and numerology when selecting a name for their child. 

In this blog, we've curated a diverse list of baby names starting with Pra for both boys and girls, along with their meanings and country of origin (some names are from around the world). Also, for your convenience, we have added other names closely related to the letter "P". 

Whether you're looking for a traditional Indian name or a unique choice, we hope this list helps you find the perfect name for your little one! Enjoy this privileged journey! :)

Here're 150+ baby girl names starting with Pra:

Names Starting With Pra
Names Starting With Pra

Padmini (Lotus) - India

Prabhleen (Beloved of God) - India

Prachi (East) - India

Prachi (Morning) - India

Pradnya (Wisdom) - India

Pragathi (Success) - India

Pragna (Intelligence) - India

Pragna (Intelligent) - India

Pragyata (Intelligence) - India

Praharshitha (Cheerful) - India

Prahlada (Bliss) - India

Prajna (Wisdom) - India

Prakansha (Hope) - India

Prakriti (Nature) - India

Prakruthi (Nature) - India

Prakshitha (Progressive) - India

Prameela (Fertile) - India

Pramila (One of the intellectual and knowledgeable women) - India

Pramiti (Knowledge) - India

Pramiti (Wisdom) - India

Pranali (Organized) - India

Pranathi (Prayer) - India

Pranati (Prayer) - India

Pranavi (Goddess Parvati) - India

Pranaya (Love) - India

Names Starting With Pra
Names Starting With Pra

Praneetha (Joyful) - India

Pranika (Life) - India

Pranita (Prominent) - India

Pranitha (Admired) - India

Pranjal (Honest) - India

Pranjali (Salutation) - India

Pranvi (Fresh, Fragrant) - India

Prapthi (Attainment) - India

Prapti (Gain) - India

Praptika (Achiever) - India

Prarthana (Prayer) - India

Prasansa (Praise) - India

Prashansa (Praise) - India

Prasheetha (Fresh) - India

Prashi (Calm) - India

Prashika (One who spreads light) - India

Prashitha (Satisfied) - India

Prashna (Question) - India

Prasiddha (Famous) - India

Prasiddhi (Fame) - India

Prathana (Prayer) - India

Pratibha (Talent) - India

Pratichi (East) - India

Pratichi (West) - India

Pratika (Symbol) - India

Names Starting With Pra
Names Starting With Pra

Pratiksha (Waiting) - India

Pratima (Image) - India

Pratishka (Belief) - India

Pratishtha (Prestige) - India

Pratyaksha (Visible) - India

Pratyusha (Early morning) - India

Pratyusha (Morning Sun) - India

Praudha (Aged) - India

Pravallika (Creeper) - India

Pravda (Truth) - Russia

Praveena (Expert) - India

Praveena (Expertise) - India

Praveeni (Expert) - India

Praveerya (Bravery) - India

Pravina (Expert) - India

Pravina (Expertise) - India

Pravina (Skilled) - India

Prayaga (Confluence of rivers) - India

Prayaga (Place of Sacrifice) - India

Prayanka (Jasmine) - India

Prayerna (Mediation) - India

Prayushi (Happiness) - India

Preetha (Affectionate) - India

Preethika (Lovable) - India

Names Starting With Pra
Names Starting With Pra

Preksha (Beholding) - India

Prekshya (Beholding) - India

Prema (Love) - India

Premila (Loving) - India

Prerana (Inspiration) - India

Prerita (Inspirational) - India

Prerna (Inspiration) - India

Presca (Ancient) - United States

Presleigh (Meadow of the Priest) - United States

Presley (Meadow of the Priest) - United States

Presli (Meadow of the priest) - United States

Pressley (Meadow of the priest) - England

Presta (Lively) - United States

Preston (Priest's town) - England

Pretty (Beautiful) - United States

Prexa (Worship) - India

Prim (First) - England

Prima (First) - Italy

Primarosa (First rose) - Italy

Primavera (Spring) - Italy

Primrose (First rose) - England

Princess (Royal Daughter) - England

Priscella (Ancient) - United States

Priscilla (Ancient) - Greece

Prishaa (Fame) - India

Names Starting With Pra
Names Starting With Pra

Prisma (Prism) - Spain

Prissie (Ancient) - England

Priya (Beloved) - India

Priyadarshini (Beloved) - India

Priyadarshini (Dear to behold) - India

Priyal (Loving) - India

Priyamvada (One who speaks sweetly) - India

Priyanjali (Beloved offering) - India

Priyanka (Beautiful) - India

Priyanka (Lovable) - India

Priyanshi (Most lovable) - India

Priyasha (Beloved) - India

Proserpina (Roman goddess of springtime) - Italy

Providence (Divine guidance or care) - United States

Prudence (Wisdom) - England

Prudence (Wise) - England

Prue (Cautious) - England

Prue (Virtuous) - England

Pruey (Sensible) - England

Prueyanna (Elegant) - United States

Pruie (Cautious) - England

Pruitt (Courageous) - United States

Prunel (Plum tree) - France

Prunella (Little plum) - England

Prunelle (Plum-like) - France

Prutha (Daughter of the earth) - India

Pryanka (Beautiful eyes) - India

Purity (Pure) - United States

Purva (Easterly) - India

Pushpa (Flower) - India

Pushpavathi (Flower garden) - India

Puyi (Jade) - China

Here're 150+ baby boy names starting with Pra:

Names Starting With Pra
Names Starting With Pra

Prabhakar (Sun) - India

Prabhas (Brightness) - India

Prabhat (Morning) - India

Prabhav (Power) - India

Prabhudas (Devotee of Lord Krishna) - India

Prabhudayal (Gift of God) - India

Prabhupati (Lord of lords) - India

Prabir (Hero) - India

Prachet (Intelligence) - India

Pradeep (Lamp) - India

Pradeepan (Lamp) - India

Pradnesh (Lord of wisdom) - India

Pradyot (Lustre) - India

Pradyotan (Lustre) - India

Pradyumn (Cupid) - India

Pradyumna (Cupid) - India

Pradyut (Shining) - India

Praful (In bloom) - India

Prafulla (Cheerful) - India

Prafulla (Full of joy) - India

Pragathi (Progress) - India

Pragnesh (Lord of wisdom) - India

Pragyata (Intelligence) - India

Prahas (Brightness) - India

Prahlad (Excess of joy) - India

Names Starting With Pra
Names Starting With Pra

Prajay (Victory) - India

Prajesh (Lord of creation) - India

Prajesh (Lord of creatures) - India

Prajit (Winner) - India

Prajvala (Inflamed) - India

Prakash (Light) - India

Prakhar (Peak) - India

Prakriti (Nature) - India

Prakruthi (Nature) - India

Pralhad (Excess of joy) - India

Pramod (Happiness) - India

Pramukh (Leader) - India

Pran (Life) - India

Pranau (Breath of life) - India

Pranav (Sacred syllable OM) - India

Pranavam (Sacred syllable OM) - India

Pranay (Love) - India

Pranayu (Vital force) - India

Pranesh (Lord of Life) - India

Praneshwar (Lord of Life) - India

Pranet (Leader) - India

Pranish (Lord of life) - India

Pranit (Humble) - India

Pranit (Modest) - India

Pranith (Humble) - India

Names Starting With Pra
Names Starting With Pra

Pranjal (Simple, honest) - India

Pranjalika (Honest) - India

Prannath (God of life) - India

Pranod (Pleasure) - India

Pranoy (Love) - India

Pransh (Part) - India

Pranshu (Tall) - India

Pranshul (Tall) - India

Pranveer (Brave) - India

Pranvit (Fulfilling) - India

Prarit (One who pleases) - India

Prasad (Blessing) - India

Prasadhan (Accomplished) - India

Prasann (Joyful) - India

Prasanna (Clear-minded) - India

Prasata (Gift) - Thailand

Prashan (Question) - India

Prashant (Calm) - India

Prashanth (Calm) - India

Prashar (Wide) - India

Prashast (Famous) - India

Prasheel (Wisdom) - India

Prashik (Talent) - India

Prashray (Shelter) - India

Prasiddh (Famous) - India

Names Starting With Pra
Names Starting With Pra

Prasiddhi (Fame) - India

Prasidh (Successful) - India

Prasoon (Flower) - India

Prasun (Flower) - India

Pratap (Dignity) - India

Prateek (Symbol) - India

Pratham (First) - India

Prathik (Symbol) - India

Prathit (Celebrated) - India

Prathu (Wide) - India

Prathviraj (King of the earth) - India

Pratik (Emblem) - India

Pratik (Symbol) - India

Pratikraman (Repentance) - India

Pratiksh (Expectation) - India

Pratiksha (Expectation) - India

Pratim (Image) - India

Pratosh (Contentment) - India

Pratyaksh (Visible) - India

Pratyaksha (Visible) - India

Pratyay (Certainty) - India

Pratyay (Reasoning) - India

Pratyush (Sunrise) - India

Pratyusha (Sunrise) - India

Pratyushan (Sunrise) - India

Names Starting With Pra
Names Starting With Pra

Praval (Coral) - India

Pravalika (Coral) - India

Pravar (Excellent) - India

Praveen (Expert) - India

Praveer (Brave) - India

Pravi (Strength) - India

Pravin (Expert) - India

Pravin (Talented) - India

Pravinchandra (Expert) - India

Pravir (Brave) - India

Prayag (Confluence) - India

Prayas (Effort) - India

Prayaschit (Atonement) - India

Prayaschitt (Penitence) - India

Prayash (Effort) - India

Prayasvin (Effortful) - India

Prayerna (Pleasing) - India

Prayog (Experiment) - India

Prerak (Motivator) - India

Preraksh (Inspirational) - India

Prerit (Inspired) - India

Prescot (Priest's cottage) - England

Presley (Priest's Meadow) - England

Preston (Priest's town) - England

Pridwyn (Handsome) - Wales

Priestley (Priest's Meadow) - England

Primitivo (Primitive) - Spain

Primo (Firstborn) - Italy

Prisha (God's gift) - India

Prithvi (Earth) - India

Prithviraj (King of the earth) - India

Prithwish (Ambition) - India

Pritish (Lord of love) - India

Przemyslaw (Thoughtful ruler) - Poland


In conclusion, we hope this blog has provided you with loads of meaningful selections of baby names starting with Pra. With over 300 names to choose from, we've covered a range of names along with the meanings to help you find the perfect name for your child. 

Whether you're drawn to Indian culture and tradition or simply looking for a unique and special name, there's something on this list for everyone. Remember, choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision, and we encourage you to take your time and consider all your options. 

Ultimately, we hope this list has sparked your imagination and helped you on your journey to finding the perfect name for your little one! 

Don't forget to comment below if you shortlisted or finalized one of the names from the list. Sending loads of love and blessings to the little one and your family!

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