10 Physical and Mental Benefits of Running a Mile a Day

Benefits of Running
Benefits of Running a Mile a Day

There are tons of physical and mental benefits of running a mile a day. Not only running nourishes your mind and body, but it also nourishes your soul. Sounds cliched? Well, I am sure, you have heard this phrase umpteen times before. But did you take any action after hearing that phrase? Has there been any significant change in your sedentary lifestyle? Did you ever think of hitting the ground?

Well, I would have been happy to listen to a BIG "Yes" from you. But sadly, that did not happen and that's why you are keenly reading this article!

But I am sure after reading these 10 physical and mental benefits of running a mile a day, you are certainly going to hit the track!

1: Running helps to boost the mood instantly

There are many instant benefits of running a mile a day. The first one is non-physical. It pertains to mental health. 

Running is scientifically proven to uplift the mood instantly. A bad mood is neither good for you nor for the people around you. You have got to get out of the mold of self-pity, get out and hit the ground, and see how your mood changes for good!

Don't worry, you do not need to participate in a marathon. You just need to start somewhere to reap the benefits of running a mile a day. Just start and see the magic unfold in the next few months!

2: Running gets you out of depression

You might be surprised to know that one of the instant benefits of running a mile a day includes getting rid of depression. Yes, running helps a great deal in alleviating mental ailments.

In fact, running and exercising is part of many anti-depression treatment regimes for the simple fact that running induces the release of serotonin, which is a feel-good hormone, and that helps in eliminating depressive behavior. 

3: Running a mile a day helps you handle stress better

Another instant benefit of running a mile a day is that it can immediately reduce the activity in the prefrontal cortex.

This decreases the stress level which helps you stop overthinking. Which in turn, helps you plan things more rationally, without getting panicked under distressing circumstances. If you don't find other reasons good enough, run to bust your stress!

4: Helps to tackle the anxiety disorder

Benefits of Running a Mile a Day

Through the carbon-dioxide challenge test, the scientists have found that more physically active people, like the ones who run regularly, are less likely to panic under fearful situations even they had high anxiety sensitivity.

This means, this test indicates another important instant benefit of running - under pressure situations, you are more likely to remain calm and composed.

Well, managing anxiety disorder is one of the surprising benefits of running a mile day. After all, who on earth would not like to remain calm and in control of things under stressful situations?

5: Keeps your blood pressure under check

Blood pressure is one of the most common ailments that affect a huge population around the world. Nearly half of the adult population in the United States (108 million people) have hypertension!

Incidentally, blood pressure leads to other cardiovascular ailments and stroke. Unfortunately, modern science will keep you under medication until you’re alive.

There is a ray of hope though. Many studies have concluded that regular running is one of the most potent non-pharmacological (drug-free) treatments for people with high blood pressure.

People might derive different reasons for the benefits of running a mile day but if you are afflicted by high blood pressure, talk to your doctor and after receiving his/her go ahead, start your running regime from today itself! There's nothing called 'tomorrow'.

6: Keeps your blood sugar under check

High sugar and low sugar in the blood are equally dangerous. People with high blood sugar levels remain hopelessly on insulin until they live. Sorry, but that's what modern or western medical science prescribes!

One of the biggest instant benefits of running a mile a day is that it magically brings down the sugar levels instantly simply because the muscles gobble up the available glucose during the running sessions. How simple is that! What is so difficult in putting on the running shoes and hitting the ground for a mild run? Lifelong insulin or adopting a running regime, the choice is yours!

7. Running improves metabolism

Among other benefits of running a mile a day, is a marked improvement in metabolism. Running, coupled with other stretching exercises (for about 45 minutes) will help in boosting the metabolism for the next few hours. A good metabolism means you will eat well. No wonder people who run daily have a good diet.

A good metabolism means good overall physical and mental health! 

8. Running improves confidence and self-esteem

Benefits of Running
Benefits of Running a Mile a Day

Dozens of studies prove that people who run or exercise regularly have high self-esteem and confidence. And people with a high degree of confidence are successful in different endeavors of life!

This might sound like an unusual instant benefit of running. On the contrary, it is one of the most important benefits as high self-esteem and confidence are directly responsible for success in life. This has been proven time and again. You can check out Google for the 100s of 1000s posts on the correlation of confidence and success in life.

Again, people will have different reasons but for me, the most important benefit of running a mile a day is the high degree of confidence. 

9. Running improves memory and makes you sharper

Studies show that running results in increased cortisol levels which helps in better memorization. Results have also proven that aerobic exercise, like running, increases BDNF, or brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a protein produced inside nerve cells. This helps in boosting memory.

Well, this is surely one of the surprising instant benefits of running a mile a day! If you run and you pretend that you forgot something. You are going to be caught hands down! That’s the downside of running if you are a habitual liar! :)

10. Burn calories even after 14 hours

Everyone knows that running burns calories from the body but there is a secret that very few people might know and that secret is that you keep on burning calories even after you stopped running 14 hours ago! Now, that's magic! Isn't it?

Are you still, looking for more inspiration? 

Maybe, these sports stories will do the trick for you:

Don’t run away from running! There are far too many physical and mental benefits of running a mile a day to be ignored. 

Your jogging shoes are calling you. After reading the above narrative, they’re itching to hit the ground. If not this story, listen to your shoes at least! :)

Hope to see you on the tracks!

Happy running!

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