10 Benefits of Ketogenic Diets You Never Knew

Benefits of Ketogenic Diets

The benefits of ketogenic diets cannot be overstated enough.

Low-carb diets or ketogenic diets have always caused a lot of controversies.

Some people say that these diets increase cholesterol and cause heart disease due to high fat content.

Studies have however shown that low-carb or ketogenic diets are healthy and beneficial.

Here are 10 science-backed benefits of low-carb and keto diets.

1. Ketogenic Diets Lead to More Weight Loss at First

Cutting out carbs from your diet is one of the easiest and most effective ways to lose weight fast.

Low carb diets sometimes lead to 2-3 times more weight loss than low-fat diets, multiple studies have observed. This is true even though the people in the low-carb groups were allowed to eat as much as they want, while those in the low-fat groups had a calorie limit.

Low carbs diet leads to quick reductions in water weight, which means fast results. People often start noticing a difference in just a couple of days.

A study in obese adults found that a low-carb diet is particularly effective for the first 6 months, as compared to a conventional weight loss diet. After the 6 month period, the difference in weight loss between the diets was insignificant.

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2. Keto Diets Reduce Your Appetite

The worst part about dieting is feeling hungry all the time.

It's one of the, if not the biggest reason why people eventually give up on their diets.

However, ketogenic diets lead to an automatic reduction in appetite.

Studies have repeatedly shown that when people cut carbs and eat more protein and fat, they end up eating fewer calories.

3. Low-Carb Diets Help You Lose Belly Fat, Fast

Not all fats are equal. Belly fat is probably the one you're most looking forward to getting rid of.

There are two main types of fat: subcutaneous fat, which is under your skin, and visceral fat, which accumulates in your abdominal cavity and is rather typical for overweight adults.

Visceral fats tend to accumulate around your organs. Excess visceral fat is linked with insulin resistance and inflammation - and may drive metabolic dysfunction.

Among the many benefits of ketogenic diets, it is also great at reducing harmful abdominal fat. It is in fact, great at reducing belly fat.

Over time, it leads to a remarkably reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Benefits of Ketogenic Diets
Benefits of Ketogenic Diets

4. Reduced Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

Keto diets are also particularly helpful for people with diabetes and insulin resistance.

Studies show that keto diets lower blood sugar and insulin levels remarkably.

Some people with diabetes who start a ketogenic diet may need to reduce their insulin dosage by 50% right away.

If you have diabetes, you should consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet.

5. May Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a big risk factor for many diseases, including heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure.

Switching to a low-carb diet will help you to lower your blood pressure, reducing the risk of these diseases, and leading you to a longer and healthier life.

6.Increased Levels of 'Good' HDL Cholesterol

High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is also called 'good' cholesterol.

To lower the risk of heart disease, you need to increase your HDL levels.

Eating fat is one of the best ways to increase your HDL levels - and ketogenic diets include a lot of fat.

Therefore, HDL levels increase notably when you're on a ketogenic diet, compared to low-fat diets where the results aren't as great.

7. Improved 'Bad' LDL Cholesterol Levels

People with high 'bad' LDL cholesterol are more prone to heart attacks.

The size of the particles is important. Smaller particles are associated with a high risk of heart disease, whereas large particles are associated with a lower risk.

Lucky for you, it turns out low-carb diets increase the size of 'bad' LDL particles, also lowering the total LDL particles in your bloodstream.

Therefore, a keto diet is great for your heart health.

Benefits of Ketogenic Diets
Benefits of Ketogenic Diets

8. Triglycerides Drop Drastically

So what are Triglycerides? They are fat molecules that circulate through the bloodstream.

The high fasting triglycerides - levels in the blood after an overnight fast - are a dangerous heart risk factor.

Carb consumption is one of the main drivers of elevated triglycerides in sedentary people, especially simple sugars.

People tend to experience a dramatic reduction in blood triglycerides when they cut carbs.

On the flip side, low-fat diets cause triglycerides to increase.

9. Effective Against Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is a condition that is highly linked to diabetes and heart disease. A metabolic syndrome is actually a group of symptoms, which include:
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Abdominal obesity
  • High triglycerides
  • Elevated fasting blood sugar levels
  • Low “good” HDL cholesterol levels
Lucky for you, a ketogenic diet is incredibly effective in treating all of these symptoms.

A keto diet basically eliminates these conditions.

Benefits of Ketogenic Diets
Benefits of Ketogenic Diets

10. Therapeutic for Several Brain Disorders

Our brains need glucose because some parts of it can only process this type of sugar. That's why our liver starts producing sugar from protein if we don't eat any carbs.

A big part of your brain can also burn ketones, which are formed when carb intake is very low.

This is the mechanism of the keto diet. It has been used for ages to treat epilepsy in children who don't respond to drug treatment.

In many cases, a ketogenic diet can cure children of epilepsy.

Ketogenic diets are now being studied for other brain conditions too, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. 

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