150+ Incredible Boys' Names That Mean God


Names That Mean God
Names That Mean God

In this post, I'm gonna list 150 plus boys' names that mean God! It's always nice to keep meaningful names, and it can't get better if the name itself means God! 

The names have been derived from all over the world, across cultures, religions, and ethnicities. As you will discover, the list contains Hebrew, Arabic, Indian, and Greek names, among others. 

Please note that all the names might not mean God directly. However, they will have a God connection for sure! 

Go ahead, grab a cup of coffee, and browse through the names until spot the one for your little boy! Enjoy your name-hunting journey!

Here are 150+ boys' names that mean God:

Names That Mean God
Names That Mean God

Aditya (Hindi)

Adonai (Hebrew)

Ahman (Arabic)

Ahura (Persian)

Allah (Arabic)

Amadi (African)

An (Chinese)

Apollo (Greek)

Aravind (Hindi)

Asher (Hebrew)

Aslan (Turkish)

Ataa (African)

Ataullah (Arabic)

Atum (Egyptian)

Baal (Hebrew)

Bahram (Persian)

Baruch (Hebrew)

Bela (Hebrew)

Brahma (Hindi)

Cael (Irish)

Chukwu (African)

Dagan (Hebrew)

Dagda (Irish)

Dan (Hebrew)

Darian (Greek)

Names That Mean God
Names That Mean God

Demetrius (Greek)

Dev (Hindi)

Dharma (Hindi)

Diarmaid (Irish)

Dionysus (Greek)

Durga (Hindi)

Eidan (Hebrew)

Elam (Hebrew)

Eloi (Basque)

Elon (Hebrew)

Elroy (Hebrew)

Emanuel (Hebrew)

Emrys (Welsh)

Enki (Sumerian)

Enoch (Hebrew)

Ephraim (Hebrew)

Eros (Greek)

Ezra (Hebrew)

Farid (Arabic)

Fenrir (Norse)

Frey (Norse)

Gabriel (Hebrew)

Ganesha (Hindi)

Gaurav (Hindi)

Gavriel (Hebrew)

Names That Mean God
Names That Mean God

Ghassan (Arabic)

Gideon (Hebrew)

Hadi (Arabic)

Haile (African)

Hanuman (Hindi)

Hari (Hindi)

Haroun (Arabic)

Heka (Egyptian)

Helios (Greek)

Hermes (Greek)

Heru (Egyptian)

Horus (Egyptian)

Ichiro (Japanese)

Idris (Arabic)

Imanuel (Hebrew)

Indra (Hindi)

Inigo (Basque)

Isaiah (Hebrew)

Ishvara (Hindi)

Izanagi (Japanese)

Jahan (Arabic)

Jair (Hebrew)

Jayant (Hindi)

Jehoiachin (Hebrew)

Jehovah (Hebrew)

Names That Mean God
Names That Mean God

Jehu (Hebrew)

Jemuel (Hebrew)

Jesus (Hebrew)

Job (Hebrew)

Joram (Hebrew)

Josiah (Hebrew)

Jotham (Hebrew)

Jove (Roman)

Kael (Irish)

Kahuna (Hawaiian)

Kalki (Hindi)

Kato (African)

Keanu (Hawaiian)

Kelechi (African)

Kemuel (Hebrew)

Khepri (Egyptian)

Khonsu (Egyptian)

Krishna (Hindi)

Krishnaa (Hindi)

Kyan (Irish)

Laith (Arabic)

Levi (Hebrew)

Liron (Hebrew)

Lugh (Irish)

Mael (Irish)

Names That Mean God
Names That Mean God

Mahdi (Arabic)

Mani (Persian)

Manu (Hindi)

Marduk (Babylonian)

Mari (Basque)

Menachem (Hebrew)

Messiah (Hebrew)

Michael (Hebrew)

Mithra (Persian)

Mithras (Persian)

Nergal (Babylonian)

Njoku (African)

Odin (Norse)

Osiris (Egyptian)

Pallas (Greek)

Parzival (Hebrew)

Ptah (Egyptian)

Quetzalcoatl (Aztec)

Ra (Egyptian)

Ram (Hindi)

Rama (Hindi)

Raphael (Hebrew)

Sabaoth (Hebrew)

Samson (Hebrew)

Sarpedon (Greek)

Names That Mean God
Names That Mean God

Seth (Egyptian)

Shango (African)

Shiva (Hindi)

Surya (Hindi)

Tane (Maori)

Taranis (Celtic)

Tarik (Arabic)

Thor (Norse)

Thoth (Egyptian)

Tobias (Hebrew)

Uriel (Hebrew)

Vayu (Hindi)

Vishnu (Hindi)

Woden (Norse)

Xolani (African)

Yahweh (Hebrew)

Yama (Hindi)

Yehuda (Hebrew)

Yeshua (Hebrew)

Zeus (Greek)

Zohar (Hebrew)

Zoltán (Hungarian)

Over to you!
I hope you found this listicle of names that mean God useful. Do let me know if you finalized or short-listed one of the names from the list. This will motivate me to keep on producing more useful content like this one!

I keep on adding and updating all my blog posts regularly, so in case you haven't finalized the name for your little boy, I suggest you bookmark this post and come back after a few days!

Stay safe, happy, and blessed!

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