11 Simple Tricks To Reduce Anxiety in The COVID19 Era

Simple Tricks To Reduce Anxiety
Simple Tricks To Reduce Anxiety

Blog updated on June 12, 2022

Today, I am going to reveal simple tricks to reduce anxiety from the comfort of your home. But is there any need to even talk about anxiety? 

Well, anxiety can be really exhaustive and you have a real impact on your body, whether visible or invisible. Ironically, most people are not aware that they are afflicted by anxiety as they fail to understand the anxiety symptoms. COVID-19 has played its role in aggravating anxiety symptoms in people who otherwise didn't have anxiety earlier.

Approximately, one adult out of five, or about 20% population of the United States of America is affected by anxiety. So, if you happen to be one of the tribe members, you're definitely not alone! The good thing is that anxiety is highly curable. But sadly, not more than 37% of people receive treatment for an anxiety attack.

I have seen anxiety from very close quarters, so I am mindful of the fact that it really affects badly if not controlled or treated in time. 

There are several ways through which a mild anxiety attack could be curbed at home. Don't worry, I am not going to tell you to do difficult exercises or perform tedious yoga positions. I am going to recommend only simple tricks to reduce anxiety.

These tricks are benign, doable, and practical ones that anyone can follow very easily. I have been using many of the tips given below.

Here are the 11 simple tricks to reduce anxiety at home.

1. Start meditation, if not into it already

Don't be bogged down by the word meditation! Meditation is not as complicated or mystique as people might think. I have been practicing meditation for years now. It has given me a sense of inner peace and balance in my existence. I also believe that my radiance has a lot to do with meditation. It certainly is one of the easiest and doable methods to tackle anxiety or stress at home.

2. Draw or color

Set aside a few minutes to doodle. Let your creative juices flow freely. It doesn't matter what you draw or color, it doesn't matter if it makes sense. Just do it! You can do this on a kid's drawing sheet or canvas. It doesn't matter whether you use crayons or a paintbrush. The only thing that matters is you ought to indulge in this fun activity. 

If you could tag along with the kids at home, you would have a lovely time. Mark my words and come back with your comments!

Simple Tricks To Reduce Anxiety

3. Choose to walk and befriend nature

Nature does wonders in an anxiety attack. Hear the sounds around you, feel the texture of the wind against your skin, and the smells around you emanating from the natural flora. You can also befriend a few trees and talk to them. That might sound creepy to some. But try doing this and see the magic unfold. I also have a few bamboo trees as my friend with whom I talk frequently. :)

Remember to keep your phone at home, and do your best to remain in the moment. Nature is the biggest healer. You will soon realize this, just start with a brief stroll today around the block and see how you are feeling.

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4. Wish people happiness

This stress-busting trick might sound too cliched at first sight, maybe too simple to work. But most often, simple things work for us because that is the way nature is. 

Beginning today, practice wishing people to be happy. Do this with random people throughout the day. You don’t necessarily need to tell the person, you only need to set the positive energy by wishing him/her happiness just with a smile. Try it on your commute, at the office, at the gym, or while you wait in line. You will begin to feel positive, light, and happy from within.

Try sending positive energies to someone with whom you're annoyed for whatever reason. Begin this simple act of wishing happiness today itself. And get ready to feel the positive vibes around you, making the anxiety symptoms evaporate.

5. Stargazing

Just like you talk to the trees, see if you could befriend the cosmos. Look at the enormity of the sky that's full of trillions of galaxies and an infinite number of stars. See the silent beauty of the milky way, if you could spot one. 

Feel the mild cosmos lights falling on your face and your body being wrapped gently to protect you. Mother nature is beautiful and she's always there to protect each one of us. You just need to connect to her.

Let the cosmos remind you that life is greater than your little worries. 

Simple Tricks To Reduce Anxiety
Simple Tricks To Reduce Anxiety

6. Brew that perfect cup of tea

Making a cup of tea may be a deeply valued practice in many cultures around the world. Immerse yourself into the practice and specialize in each step. How do the leaves smell once you pull them out? What does the water appear as if once you first add the tea? Watch the steam rise from the cup and feel the warmth of the cup against your hand. 

If you've got time, sip your tea without distraction. 

Don’t like tea? No worries. You could do that with dalgona coffee or maybe a honey-lemon-ginger drink, my personal favorite! :)

7. Specialize in one thing at a time

Multitasking is an overrated word. Don't bother if people appreciate multitaskers, they might have vested interests. Shun the practice of doing multiple things at the same time. Try to accomplish one task with an undivided focus instead. 

Leave aside your phone, don't think about the notifications, no browsing online — absolutely no multitasking. Let that one task take center stage until you accomplish the task to your own satisfaction. 

When you satisfy yourself, you get the feeling of contentment and worth, which alleviates self-confidence, leading to a happier you!

8. Leave your phone behind, it won't go anywhere

In most cases, the phone is the cause of anxiety. Think - do you actually need to bring your phone on a walk? Or, in the bathroom? Or, when you are having your meal? Rather than worrying about it, sit, take a deep breath, and thank the universe before you begin eating. 

Take time to pamper yourself, and find the "me time" during the day to say goodbye to the anxiety symptoms! 

Your phone will still be there when you’re done.

9. Enjoy the moments that bog you down

Most people find cooking a boring and mundane task. Bring life to daily cooking by experimenting with different cuisines. Try new recipes without fearing the outcome. If possible, involve your partner to cook with you.

Also, you're not alone who has to do the dishes, clean the house or the bathroom, and do other household chores. Don't let the house chores or clutter bog you down. Try to sway to the tune you hum while doing these chores. 

Why not daydream while you fold the laundry? Think of the many happy moments that bring a smile to your face. You will find these moments turn beautiful instantly.

Simple Tricks To Reduce Anxiety
Simple Tricks To Reduce Anxiety

10. Start writing a journal

The best thing about writing a journal is that there are no rules to follow and there is none to judge you if you're afraid of being judged. It's your personal thing where you could express yourself the way you want. 

You can try a gratitude journal or just jot down the three best things that happened today or maybe you could send thanks to the universe for all the privileges in your life. 

Writing journals has helped innumerable people across the world, including me to mitigate anxiety attacks. You're no different, it is going to help you too! Just give it a try!

11. Keep a distance from social media

While social media has certain benefits, it also has multiple downsides. Try to curtail your on-screen time, especially on social media. Many studies have confirmed that using multiple social media platforms is related to anxiety in young adults. 

Log out from a couple of social media accounts so that you need to log in every time you wish to see the status. The idea is to stay away from social media as much as possible.

There is no harm in deleting an account or two, especially if you have been a passive user (someone who does not actively participate in posting or commenting but just peeps in to keep a tab).

Stay away, stay happy! Offer a goodbye kiss to anxiety symptoms!


The above simple tricks to reduce anxiety will work wonders if you or someone in your family member is afflicted by a mild anxiety attack. The most important thing is that you start practicing these tricks on a daily basis. 

Don't get bogged down by so many of them, they are just eleven! These are simple and 100% doable things that can easily be done without much effort. 

COVID or no COVID, practicing these regularly can definitely help you calm your mind and move past negative emotions, leading you to be in a happier state. 

Practice these and come back with your comments. I will be eager to hear the positive stories.

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