10 Hidden Benefits of Playing Sports

Benefits of playing sports
Benefits of playing sports

After being involved in many sports over the years, and being an avid fan sports fan my entire life, I figured it would be good to look at some of the many benefits of playing sports. Apart from the many well-documented health advantages, there are some social and psychological benefits of sports too.

I’m not a doctor or pretend to be one on the internet. Keep in mind that this article is written by a sports enthusiast. I’d strongly recommend everyone to consult a doctor before taking up a sport, especially if you haven’t been physically active lately. Generally speaking, you should be careful regarding physical exertion, start slow, and gradually increase the intensity as you get into shape to avoid injuries.

10 Benefits of Playing Sports

1. Playing sports improves mood

Studies have shown that sporting activities can trigger happy chemicals that lift your mood and makes you feel happier. Exercise is a more important factor for participants in determining their levels of well being than their financial situation, a study published in The Lancet by scientists at Yale and Oxford suggests. It showed that people who exercise tend to feel unhappy for 35 days a year, nonactive participants felt unhappy for 53 days a year.

2. Emotional Benefits of Sports

There are many emotional benefits of sports. Most of us can say that we experience stress or anxiety on a daily basis. But did you know that studies have shown that physical activity involved in sports can lower these problems? Exercise fights stress through both neurochemical and behavioral means, according to Harvard Medical School. Aerobic exercise lowers stress-inducing hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, while at the same time stimulates endorphins, which provide mood elevation and a general sense of well being. Behavioral benefits of playing sports include better self-esteem as you lose weight and gain muscles, as well as more confidence, stamina, and energy.

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3. Reduces Body Fat

Playing sports is a great way to lose weight. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, exercises that involve short bursts of intense effort is the way to go. However, a lower intensity workout will still work for those who can’t go too hard for whatever reason. According to British sports therapist and fitness writer, Katie Hiscock in her BBC article on fat-burning "Losing weight is a simple maths equation - you need to burn more calories than you consume each day.". Sports is one of the most fun ways to burn calories. 

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4. Healthier Heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the USA unfortunately. The good news is that many studies have shown that playing sports can dramatically improve heart health and lower the chances of death from cardiovascular disease. A study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, showed that people who swam, or did aerobics (including dancing) or participated in racket sports (such as tennis, badminton, squash) saw notable reductions in mortality rates for cardiovascular death. The reductions were 41% for swimming, 36% for aerobics, and 56% for racket sports.

Benefits of sports
Benefits of playing sports

5. Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Another great benefit of playing sports is that it reduces the risk of diabetes. The American Diabetes Association recommends combining aerobic activity and strength building to your fitness program to lower the risk of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. It also helps in managing diabetes in general. 

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6. Playing Sports Lowers Blood Pressure

Regular aerobic activities are good for controlling or lowering your blood pressure, according to the Mayo Clinic. Aerobic sports include tennis, running, swimming, bicycling and more. The US Department of Health and Human Services advises adults to aim for 50 to 300 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise. Alternatively, you can do 75 to 150 minutes a week of high-intensity aerobic exercise.
On a personal level, my dad measures his blood pressure regularly and he swears there’s nothing quite like sports for lowering it.

7. Great Creative Outlet

Sports are fantastic for expressing yourself creatively. The freedom to go out there and be creative and competitive is unlike anything else. Whenever you get the itch to be creative, pick up a basketball and go to the court. Trust me, I have ADHD.

8. Improved Appearance

Playing sports can help you to lose weight and build muscles. The more you use your muscles, the better your strength and endurance. Being physically active also helps with blood flow, which gives you a great complexion and a warm glow. Basically, play sports and look great!

9. Diverse Social Connections

People in sports clubs and teams come from different backgrounds, ages, and professions, but everyone is united by their love for the game. It’s a great way to meet new people. Also, if you ever need to find a lawyer, accountant, or access local knowledge and get recommendations, your local sports club is a great place to start. Whenever I go to a new place, the first thing I do is look at the local sports scene to make new friends and contacts.

10. Playing Sports Promotes Teamwork

Playing team sports is a great way to bond with people. It can create a deep sense of satisfaction when communication and cooperation come out on top. Teamwork can be a magical learning experience for children. It can also improve the morale and efficiency of an adult workgroup. Teams help in creating a deep sense of belonging and also helps you to become a better person.

4 Advantages of Playing Multiple Sports

There are a few benefits associated specifically with playing multiple sports, and I’ve listed them here.

Finding what suits you. Trying different sporting activities helps you to find out what you enjoy and what you’re good at. This is especially beneficial for less experienced sports players.

Some sports are seasonal. Outdoor sports often rely on the weather outside. Some sports are great for a hot summer day, whereas, you might want to stay in for others. You could try playing some indoor games like table tennis or billiards. 

Less muscle strain injuries. When you play multiple sports, you work for different muscle groups so you’re less likely to overstrain a muscle. The tension is spread around the body instead.

Wider social life. Different sports attract different types of people. You’ll probably meet a different crowd at a golf club than at a pool table in a bar. 

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